Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIW Wednesday Wishes & Love {1}

Today's a 3-in-1 kinda day. A little WIWW, Wednesday Wishes and What I Love Wednesdays all rolled into something lovely.

Let's just say I bought something this week I never imaged I would wear. Skinny jeans. I caved. I've always loved my big boot cut jeans but every decade or so I've got to try and stay with times. Not quite sure if my 14 year old daughter agrees. LOL. This week I did get mistaken for her sister! 

Skinny jeans / Kohl's
Pink tank / closet
Plaid button up / Kohl's
Uggs / closet
You can see Kohl's showed up a few time. I had birthday gift cards to spend!

Right now I'm just LOVING the they layered tall boot with tall sock look! Super cute!! But sometimes I feel like I'm to old to pull it off. I'm only twenty thirty-something. 

Lastly, {do I dare}, even think about bathing suit season. I walked in Target and the entire front was bikinis. I'm not feeling the bikini this year. I want to find one of these beautiful, classic {hide as much as I can} type of bathing suits. 

So what do you think? I love feedback! Is this style ok for an early thirty-something
year old mother of a high schooler? Kinda hoping you say yes.

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  1. Laura! you look fantastic! I'm so proud of you in those skinny jeans :)

    and I think I have ALL of those images pinned too! such a cute look!! I think we could arrange an outfit for you that could pull off the look. I have ideas we shall discuss sometime ;) love you!!

    1. Oh how I would love that. For some reason I wasn't born with much fashion sence. I know what I like, but putting it together and having it look good on me, is a different story. :P

  2. Love your outfit and the boot look. I always rock that!

  3. You look SO awesome in your skinny jeans! Rock it Momma! Ummm... hello! You can totally do a bikini too! Rock it if you got it ;)

  4. I need more tall socks for boots. I have been eyeing a few on Etsy :) Great outfit!


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