Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog Swap with Salena @ A Little Piece of Me

It's Friday! Friday! Friday! Can you tell I'm excited?

Well I'm not only excited because what day of the week it is, but because of a very special guest I have today. Salena from A Little Piece of Me. She's a blogger who stand out, always putter her children and grandchildren {9 of them total!} first. Take it away Salena.... 

Hello Our Reflection followers!  I was so excited when Laura agreed to do this 
swap with me.  She is such a lovely person and I love to meet new people!

Hi, my name is Salena!  I was born and raised and currently live in Hawaii 

I am a wife, mother of 6 (3 adult kids & 3 little ones), and a grandmother of 3.  I am a stay-at-home mommy to my 3 little girls and spend my days in what seems like a UFC fight and 3-ring circus.  I am addicted to coffee, diet coke, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, re-creating my blog design, and pinterest.

 I blog because I want to share my life with others in hopes to inspire them. It's a joy for me to talk with others and to connect with their life experiences and to share mine. I created “A Little Piece of Me” in hopes to fulfill this passion of mine. My blog centers around my daily life, marriage, parenting, things that interest me, what I'm passionate about and basically just where my heart thoughts lead me.

I opened my etsy shop shortly after I started my blog.  I love creating things like cards, jewelry, accessories and fun things for my girls.  In my shop you can find handmade & handcrafted accessories.  Being born and raised in Hawaii, you will find some Hawaiian influences in my pieces.
I hope you will stop by my blog and shop sometime!  I would LOVE to hear from you!

Thank you Laura for having me!!

xoxo, Salena

A Little Piece of Me

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Don't forget you can find me guest posting on Salena's
blog today here. Make sure you drop by and say hello!


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  1. You are very sweet Laura! Thank you for having me and for sharing your tips on my blog!! =)


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