Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blog Swap: Megan from Absolute Mommy... With a Twist!

Happy Thursday Everyone! 
Today I have someone very special today guest posting. Ready to find 
out something that may surprise you? Take it away Megan...
Hi I'm Megan from AbsoluteMommy.  I'm super excited to be swapping blogs with Laura at Our Reflection today.  I love Laura for many reasons.  Her addiction to Starbucks.  Her mad skills with a camera.  And she is part of my family.  Laura is my Aunt!  She married my Uncle Charlie and I was a bridesmaid in their wedding.  Also those beautiful daughters she has are my cousins.  As you read, Laura and I just might be sitting at the same dinner table.  That's right I'm visiting this week, so I'm bound to see her at my Grandma's!  Yeah for family, and double yeahs for blog swaps!

These questions were taken/adapted from the February issue of Parenting Magazine.

Describe your parenting style in one word.

The phrase you use most at home is:
What's happening over there???  Why is she screaming???

What's ALWAYS in your fridge?

The last meal you made for your family? 
Biscuit Pizzas, the kids LOVE them.

Craziest thing you've done as a momma.
Lied.  About everything.  Breastfeeding, sleeping schedules, milestones.  I guess I felt like if my kid was ahead of the game or doing those things perfectly then I would be viewed as a good mother.  It was crazy.  I told one lady in the grocery store one time that I LOVED breastfeeding.  I wasn't even doing it at the time.

The trait you hope your kiddos don't inherit.
My foul mouth.  No really, I hope they don't jump to conclusions like I do.  It's serious.  I also hope they learn to love themselves for who they are earlier in their life.  It took me a long time to do that.

Your guilty pleasure - more than one is ok
Starbucks.  Grey's Anatomy.  Twitter.  Glee. 

Song you are currently singing out loud and in your head
I really love the song Without You, but I like the Glee version.  It's so haunting and beautiful.  I love the lyrics and the messy/conflicted love story I hear in those lyrics.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A fashion designer.  Then a fashion writer/editor.  Now I just want to be a blogger.

If you wrote a parenting book what would it be called
Drastic Times call for Drastic Measures:  My kids eat Oreos, so I can Blog/shower/eat.

You can find me at all these places too!
I hope you had a blast with us today!  Don't for get to check out Laura at my blog here!

Happy Blogging,

Make sure you check out Megan's blog! You'll find me guest posting there today by clicking here

Thank you SO much Megs for being my guest today, but mostly for being an fantastic niece. Woot for family! 

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