Sunday, February 26, 2012

3 Bloggers and a Bridal Show

So what happens when you get 3 bloggers together for a bridal show? Absolute hilariousness! Why? None of us are either engaged or planning a wedding. {I'm already married!} We went for research! 

Colleen | Wedding Blogger at Soundtrack To I Do
Melisah | Blogger at Overcome by His Grace
Laura {me} | Blogging for my photography page Laura Hernandez Photography
Laura  |  Melisah  |  Colleen

So let me set the seen. I'm an inspiring photographer so I wanted to go undercover and check out other photographers in the area {character: maid of honor}. Colleen is a wedding blogger so this was right up her alley {character: bridesmaid / wedding planner}. So naturally, Melisah had to play our bride. 
Not quite sure if she was happy with our decision. The second we walked in the doors she got stickered as "Bride" and everyone congratulating her. We prepped before we got there. She had a wedding date, size of her bridal party, budget, and she even borrowed her mothers ring. 
Poor thing was terrified but we couldn't stop laughing. We spent the next few hours walking the floor from booth to booth. By the end of the show, Melisah was a pro! 

One of the best moments of the day was the Photo Booth, hands down. 
We're already planning our next bridal show road trip to San Francisco. Fun times with friends. Memories I'll never forget. Now I can't wait to help plan their actual real weddings!

Happy blogging my friends.


  1. This looks like so much fun! I love those photo booth shots.

  2. This looks like so much fun! :)

  3. I love bridal shows! I'm glad you had so much fun :)

  4. that's awesome. I would like to start going to some bridal things and pretend I'm getting married again!

  5. I looovvee that photo booth picture!!!!!<3

  6. Ooo I LOVE bridal shows! Looks like you girls had so much fun!! xoxo


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