Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Perfect Teacher's Valentine Gift!

This year I was commented to being crafty for Valentine's Day! No more of the cardboard over-the-counter mini cards like we've done in the past. So I put my thinking cap on an stalked Pinterest. I came up with a few ideas, some I found to be to hard for a 6 year old, but as soon as I saw the candy pencil, I knew this was it!

Hershey Kisses'
Craft Paper {yellow & pink}
Aluminum Foil
First we cut the yellow paper to the same length as the Rolo's and wrapped them and glued the edges.
This is what they looked like once rolled.
 Then we cut the pink paper just enough to roll around the top end of the pencil.
 The pink paper ends up being the eraser.
 Then we cut the aluminum foil into a thin strip and wrapped thee crease where the
yellow and pink paper met giving it that metal ring look you see on a pencil.
Next we took a Hershey Kiss and glued one onto the end of each pencil giving it the led point look.
 And viola, candy pencils!
 The perfect teacher Valentine gift!
Happy Crafting!
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  1. as a former teacher (now stay at home mama/daycare provider) this is the most DARLING THING EVER!!! :)
    hope you've had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!
    sweet blessings,
    maggie h.

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  3. These are such a cute idea! If I ever have kids I will definitely use this for teacher gifts! Thanks for sharing at Pinned it, Made it!

  4. your effort make it easy to follow...I will use it someday if i needed.

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