Monday, February 6, 2012

Things are changing... Have you heard the BIG news?

Well its all the talk. You probably have already heard by now that Google Friend Connect for non-bloggers will be vanishing March 1st. WHAT? I absolutely adore all my followers!

How will we stay connected? 
Then reading a post from The Foley Family I found a new tool called Linky Followers. You can find it on my right side bar below the GFC. -------------------------------------->
This is the new way for us to stay connected! SO EXCITED! Plus its FREE!

I really hope we can stay connected. 
Please click the "follow me" button in the Linky Follower box. 
This is a great way I can follow you back. 

There are other great ways to stay connected....

Enter yours on my sidebar right below GFC followers and click submit. 
Its that simple. This way you'll receive my posts through your email. 

"Like" me on Facebook here. I post all my blog posts there. 

"Follow Me" on Twitter here. I have all my Facebook posts linked
 to Twitter so you'll never miss out on a post. 

"Follow Me" on Bloglovin here. This is another great tool to consolidate the blogs you follow!

This is what Blogger is recommending for us to use instead of 
Google Friends Connect. Follow me hereI just signed up for 
and don't know much about it but its another way to connect.

I've made so many great new friends in the little time I've been blogging 
and don't want to miss out on a connection with any on you.

Let me know if you've added Linky Followers to your blog
 by commenting below so I can follow you back. 


  1. I just got the new linky follower thing, I'm following you!

  2. Hey can you explain. so does this mean if you don't have a blog you can't follow another blog via google friend connect? Good to know!


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