Friday, August 24, 2012

September Brings Change

There have been so many thoughts going through this mind of mine lately. If you've noticed the past few weeks I have spent tremendously less time writing posts and socializing than before. I needed to take my life back. I had let my blog consume me. It's been a breath of fresh air. I've had time to think about priorities like family and most importantly, God. We've crafted, baked, went on bike rides, and had good old-fashion tickle fights. Everyone has been telling me my smile is back. Someone actually told me I was a ray of sunshine. Bahahaha..... I don't know if I would go that far!

September brings change. Change can be good.

One major change is our sponsorship opportunities. I love promoting other blogs but I let it get so out of control I wasn't able to give the attention to my sponsors they deserve. Things are changing though. Starting September 1, I'm only having 8 openings on my sidebar. All are equal. Exact same size, exact same attention. I'm no longer a "Billboard" blog, as nicely stated from Amanda at Royal Daughter Designs

If you want to embark with me on this new found journey of happiness, I would love to have you.

Just click HERE


  1. I already bought my sponsors for September, but will for sure be back with you!! You seriously take care of your sponsors and I loved hanging out on your sidebar!!!

  2. Way to go Laura! I think we all have to do a check and balance with this blogging thing!


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