Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Week in Photos 1/13/2012

This has been quite the week. 
I love linking up with Insta-Friday to post a week in photos. 

Starting last weekend, I had double booking of photo shoots (I've never done that before!) Two shoots meant a lot of late nights editing and blogging, but I've loved every second of it. Here's a few of both sessions from Laura Hernandez Photography
Once one of the photo sessions was over I had some free time so I went on a hike and ended up taking nature shots. Something I hadn't done before, but it was really relaxing. Soaking in the peacefulness of God's splendor. This is what came from it.
Thought this was funny and just have to share. Our little daughter Charlie had been looking everywhere for a cover for her new 3DS. We came home one night and she said, "Mom, I can't find what I want at any store, I'm going to search Amazon." 
Oh. My. Gosh. She's 6!
As a family we do a lot of road trips. I do mean A LOT! Well this week our truck hit the 80,000 mile mark and we've only had it for 3 years! Don't get me wrong, our truck is awesome and running great, but it goes through your mind "time for a trade in?" We've decided no, our oldest daughter Rachel will be driving in about year (hard to believe), so we better start saving now. 
The week followed with a lot of time just me an my laptop. Since I'm new to the blogging world, I was still working on page headers, buttons and Facebook profiles. 
There are some real creative artsy ideas I want to do with my photography. One of them is a Trash the Dress session. Wednesday night I took my future Trash the Dress model and we went on the hunt for the perfect dress. We ended up coming home empty handed but had so much fun on the adventure.

Well Friday was exciting! We launched our blogs Facebook page and started our first giveaway. (Click here for more giveaway details.) I worked for hours and hours getting the everything ready for the launch and so far it's been a success!
Well that pretty much sums up my week. Except to come home tonight and find this in my bedroom! EEK!
See you next Friday to recap my week in photos!


  1. I can imagine the size of the spider that made that web!!! :)


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