Tuesday, January 31, 2012

GIVEAWAY + Blog Swap with The Posh Daisy

I'm SUPER excited today to have Cerrisse from the {posh} daisy guest posting. We've actually swapped blogs for the day so you can check out my post today on her blog here.

Hi Laura Hernandez Readers! So excited to be here today on the lovely Laura's blog. I am so happy I have got to know Laura and she is a wonderful supporter with my shop and blog. We thought it would be fun to come together and share a little bit about ourselves and a do a little giveaway. 
So let's get started. 
My name is Cerrisse and I am the co-owner of The {posh} Daisy with my lovely mother Dotti.
We opened up our shop in September of 2011 and are loving every minute of having a handmade shop business. We create fun, chic, posh, handmade jewelry and accessories. 
When opening up our shop we wanted to create items that we would wear ourselves. We try to offer different styles for different types of tastes out their from simple to more whimsical and fun. 
I love all the pieces we make and it's really hard not to keep every single thing we create :) 
We have recently started making hand stamped jewelry and will be doing more of that in the future. 
So a little bit more about us. 
I am happily married to my darling husband Curtis and have been married for almost 5 years now. We have a darling 19 month old little boy Jaxon and currently one on the way (crossing our fingers for a girl) I am blessed because I get to stay at home taking care of my son while running this business. It's amazing because I get to socialize all day with amazing women who blog and own shops themselves. I feel a great support system with these women and I give them a bunch of the credit to the success of my shop. 
My mother Dotti is involved with the shop but is more the "behind the scenes" I am more of the spokes person of the shop. I do all of the marketing, emails, etsy, facebook, blog, etc...She helps me make the jewelry and the designs for the shop. She also contributed the money in the beginning to open the shop, so we wouldn't be here with out her. 
She is happily married and going strong for almost 27 years!!! She is the mother to 5 children, me I am the oldest and her favorite ;) Just kidding....
She works for a non profit housing development which takes up a lot of her time, so we always play jewelry on the weekends. 
and our crazy family! 
Our goals are to one day open up a little local boutique to sell our lovely handmade items, living in a small town where we do you don't see fun and different jewelry and think it would do really well here.
We are in the process to improve everything from our logo, blog design, jewelry designs, and marketing strategies right now. So you will see something totally different in a month or so and we are so excited to share it with you all. So I hope you follow us with these changes that are coming, I promise you wont be disappointed. 
I just want to thank Laura for letting me come on her blog and share a little bit about myself
and my shop. I wanted to do a little something for you guys and do a giveaway!!
Everyone loves to win something now and then. 
So you have a chance to win....

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Hi Laura! I got your beautiful necklace in the mail last night :-) I was so excited, thank you thank you!

    1. Yesterday I received your lovely box of brownie goodies! You are SO creative. I looked at yours and said I need some work on the crafty deparmtne. I'm glad you like it. Are you blogging about it today and linking up? I'm planning on doing it tonight. :)

  2. Laura, I loved your post over at The Posh Daisy! I love getting to know others like that. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. current favorite drink: Salted Caramel Mocha. Favorite shop item: The i love you charm. It really is DARLING!

  4. my favorite drink is a skinny latte with a pump of non-fat hazelnut and my favorite item in her shop is the Beauty-Distressed Necklace

  5. I have 2 favorites, white chocolate mocha for winter and caramel frappuccino for summer. I LOVE the purple passion rosette headband- I think I need it :)

  6. I like the little bird necklace. One of my favorite drinks is the strawberry frozen drink (I can't recall the name right now!). I drink them often during warm months. Right now, I'm on a black coffee and cake pops kick!



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