Thursday, January 26, 2012

{Meet & Tweet} Its a Twitter Parrrrrtayyyy!

Meet and Tweet!
Let's link up and make new friends!

What do you need to do? 
First follow @_laurahernandez on Twitter. 

What's a party without a prize! 
A beautiful Forever21 "Tweet" necklace is up for grabs. 
How to win?

1) Link up your Twitter account below 
to meet new people. 1 entry

2) Tweet a shout out about this event using @_laurahernandez in the comment. 1 entry  
Happy Tweeting!


  1. Ironic! I just posted about Twitter this morning!
    I linked up and shared on twitter! :)

  2. Tweeted 'bout it! Following you on twitter now!

  3. I am your newest follower and hope that you will come check out my choas!! I can not get my twiiter account to link up!! Any suggestions!!

  4. Awesome! Thanks for letting me know about the linkup! =)

  5. I tweeted about it. :)!/C_LiveLaughL0ve/status/162624887326912512

  6. A Twitter party - what fun! I tweeted about it. :)

  7. I joined in + tweeted! Also, at first I accidentally added my blog to the list then I realized what I did! :o

    I am so sorry, it was an accident and if you can delete that first one I put in (#21), please do :) Thanks for the fun twitter party!

  8. i tweeted about the party at!/ANightOwlBlog/status/162959031177195520

  9. AwMan! My twitter account is suspended until who knows when (I think it was a mistake and it's being appealed so maybe I will be able to join in)!



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