Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guest Post: Cassie from Live.Laugh.L0ve.

Everyday, a new blessing. I'm a newbie to the blogging world {today is actually day 25} and I'm so overjoyed today to have my very first guest Cassie from Live.Laugh.L0ve. The reason this it was so important for me to have Cassie as my first guest is because she was one who reached out to me first. To help, support, and answer silly questions. She offered to do a button swap with a girl that didn't know what a button was! Thank you Cassie for caring. For taking the time to make others feel special. 
I blog over at Live.Laugh.L0ve. I LOVE God first and foremost, you can read about my faith here. I am a wife to my high school crush! :)
I am also a momma to two of the most adorable boys 
in the world if I do say so myself. :)
Today I'm going to try & tell you a little bit about myself. Something I'm horrible at doing & I have no idea why, because well, I know me so it should be easy right? :) Here it goes.
I am a free spirited person. I live life one minute at a time, savoring every moment I can. Even little things like drinking hot chocolate with my little one's! These tiny moments are as precious to me as the big moments.
I believe in Living life, Laughing as much as possible & Loving with my whole heart. I try to Embrace life. Something I think people don't do often enough. I want to encourage/inspire people to embrace this crazy beautiful thing called life and loving every minute of it. Even the bad stuff. This life is so short, why waste it?
I have learned that I am beautifully different & it has taken me awhile to accept that. I take a too many pictures & believe it's okay to cry. I am a very sensitive person and a very passionate person. I am also utterly compassionate. I want to reach out and help those who are hurting, who are unhappy and show them the light in a dark place. 
I am spontaneous & I believe in living my dreams! I blog about anything and everything! I also have a shop called ccy designs where you will find inspirational hand stamped jewelry! Today I would like to offer Laura's readers a 15% percent discount on everything in the shop. The code will be good through the 28th! Use Code Laura at checkout!

Hope you will stop by and say hello! 
Thanks so much Laura for having me here today!

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  1. Thanks so much for having me as a guest poster today! *hugs*


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