Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY Burlap Banner + WIN One of Your Own!

I love to craft. But like everything else I have to "make" time for it. Like everyone else, we live a very hectic busy life. Sometimes its ok to call a time-out. All the crafting I do, I try to make it family-friendly so we can all get involved. My youngest is 7 and would DIY craft 24/7 if I would let her.

This one was special. If you don't know, my passion is lifestyle photography. This week I had the opportunity to shoot my first maternity session and I couldn't think of a better prop than one of these cute burlap pennant banners I've been seeing everywhere.

Burlap material {How much you need depends on how long your banner needs to be.}
Roll of twine
Paint {I used blue since its a boy but you could use any color you wish.}
Hot glue gun


Take a piece of cardboard or thick card stock and cut out the triangle pattern you'll use to cut your flags.
Roll out your material and cut out the amount of triangle flags you need 
depending on how many letters are in the work{s} you're creating.
Take your stencils and paint one letter per flag.
Give the paint time to throughly dry. You wouldn't want them to smear. Grab the roll of twine. Measure it by laying it across the floor and placing the flags where you want them laid out and cut the twine to size. Leave about 6-8" on each side of the first and last flag to allow room to hold or hang.
Once the paint is dry, roll the triangle flags so the letter is facing down. Take the twine and place it along the back of the flag in the position your wanting it hung. Now roll the top of the banner down over the twine and with your hot glue gun, seal them together.
Give the glue a few minutes to try and viola! A picture perfect prop 
that's going on the babies bedroom wall for years to come.
The end result. Awesomeness.

Now here's the fun part! Your chance to win 
custom banner of your own. Good luck!

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  1. i love this, it is so cute! Yay for little Mason! xx

  2. Adorable! I made a banner for my sisters baby shower......but the burlap is even cuter!


  3. What a cute idea! Love the look of burlap (though I've never used it)

  4. So gorgeous! I love the look of your banner :)


  5. Awesome idea...thanks for sharing. Maybe I'll make one for my son's birthday party!

  6. Good idea! Very nice

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