Wednesday, July 11, 2012

what i wore wednesday

Something new. Something totally out of my comfort zone.
I may be a girl but I've never been good at hair and fashion.
Then I had two girls.
My poor babies lived in ponytails most all their toddler years.
After pregnancy I never felt comfortable with my weight.
I've struggled for years to get my pre-pregnancy body back. It's tough.
Anyone else gain over 60 lbs with their first child? I did.

Today I'm putting my fears aside.
 Went on a just-for-fun photo shoot with my daughter.
Next thing I know, I have a WIWW post.

Camera Bag: Epiphanie Clover in Camel
As a photographer, I never leave home without this bag. It's amazing!

The Epiphanie Clover combines function, fashion and comfort to create the ultimate camera + laptop bag!
- BAG CAN HOLD: up to 15" laptop or iPad, camera body + attached lens, 1 long lens, 2 extra lenses, wallet,
keys, cell phone, and other miscellaneous personal items
Measures 18"L x 6.25"W x 13"H

Teal Dress: LC Lauren Conrad from Kohls
Necklace: LC Lauren Conrad from Kohls
Earrings: Forever21
Shoes: Local shoe shop 

This ended up being a day full of memories.
I smiled so much my cheeks hurt.
I love you Rachel. Thank you for making me feel beautiful.

I'm linking up over here and here for What I Wore Wednesday.

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  1. So pretty, you look great!!!
    {and yes, I gained 80 lbs when I was pregnant with Memphis! lol}

  2. You are gorgeous!!! These are fantastic!!! I once did a photo shoot with my oldest daughter and she is great at telling me how to pose. A little uncomfortable because she wanted me to do things that I thought were silly. =) Love this post and that dress is a lovely color on you. And OMG I want that bag!!!

  3. You look fab. Great dress and great shots and great model. I haven't even had any kids and I managed to gain nearly 80 pounds during my 20s that I'm now chipping away at in my 30s (55 pounds down).

  4. Girl, you look amazeballs!! Seriously! Aren't little photo shoots the best?! They're so fun!

  5. Yep! I was 100 pounds when I got 18...I was 185 when I had my son! UGH! There are exactly TWO photos of me while pregnant...once I ballooooooned at 6 months...that was cameras! I was lucky though...lost the weight in about 2 months...I was it was easy. BUT 3 years ago when I quit smoking...I packed on 35 pounds...that I am trying to get off now! I'm on Beachbody's Shakeology...and it is WORKING! WUHOO! You look FABULOUS and very classy! I'm loving your blog! xoxo
    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  6. you look soo beautiful! love the dress and purse!

  7. Girl you look gorg!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress!!!!!

  8. laura, you look AMAZING!!!!! so fun and feminine :) i love it!

  9. You look beautiful! Did your daughter take these!??!

  10. You are beautiful. What a fun thing to do together with your daughter! (also, I hear you. I gained 50lb every time I was pregnant.)

  11. You look great! I didn't gain too much with my first, but gained 55 with my son. I'm still working to get back to per-pregnancy weight. Oh, and LOVE the bag. Right now I just throw my camera in my purse...not the best solution.

  12. You look amazing! And I love that bag!

  13. You look BEAUTIFUL, Laura!! That dress is so perfect on you! And I adore your camera bag. :)

  14. Super cute!!!! :)

  15. You look absolutely GORGEOUS Laura! The dress is absolutely stunning on you. I see the WIWW posts every week yet I'm never brave enough to link up for them. Partly because I don't have someone to take pictures of me each day. Rachel did a fabulous job!!

  16. You look amazing! I am right there with you about feeling uncomfy after having kids. I gained 50 with my first! And with my 2nd I officially gained back fat! UGH I still remember suddenly feeling "rolls" on my back sometime during mid pregnancy. I was like eww this is new! GAH!!!
    Thankfully Im finally getting my butt in gear to lose all this weight. :)

    But anyways, you look great. So gorgeous! :) Especially love the first 3 pics of you. :)


  17. Laura you look stunning!! SO pretty! I love the LC Collection! You rocked that dress! YAY for getting in shape (wink wink). Love ya! XOXO

  18. You look amazing!! I love everything about this outfit!

  19. You look gorgeous! Love the earrings

  20. Girl, you are beautiful! :) I love the LC line at Khols, but I never find anything in my size. Such is my plight ;) That bag is fantastic! Now if only I had a fancy camera to carry around in it ;)

  21. You look amazing. I saw a different picture of you (maybe on your fb page) and thought, she isn't old enough to have girls that age!
    Pregnancy weight sucks... its so hard to get off and I'm hoping that I actually can this time!

    Love that dress - looks so comfy! Kohls is amazing - cute and greatly priced!

  22. Gorgeous photos! You look absolutely beautiful! Love that dress!

  23. You look gorgeous!!! I love the entire outfit - and your hair!!!

  24. that bag is amazing!


  25. I love this outfit! It looks so good on you too! The teal dress is very pretty with your hair color!!! :)

  26. You look absolutely lovely.

    P.S. What a cool camera bag!

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