Monday, July 23, 2012


hi you lovely Our Reflection readers!
i'm so excited to be here today.
first, let me introduce myself!

the name's kylie and i carry my camera everywhere.
i then named a blog after it.
yep - k&camera is the name!

i'm a self taught photographer and camera junkie.
i bought my first DSLR when i was 15 and broke.

i can remember that day like it was yesterday.
i walked into rockbrook camera in omaha, nebraska, and said,
"i'd like to buy that DSLR."
the worker looked at me as if i was supposed to be in school.
or day care.
or something.
apparently they didn't get a whole lot of 15-probably-looks-like-a-10-year-old girls.
i was heading over to europe with my cousin who's about 3 months younger than me.
i wanted a camera.
i wanted a NICE camera.
i wanted to be able to document this once-in-a-lifetime trip!
(ps - what mother let's their 15 year old daughter go to europe basically by herself? - yeah i don't know the answer to that question)
so, sure enough, he brought out a Nikon box with my brand new stinkin' camera in it.
i wrote that check - painfully - and walked out the door a new person.
a photographer. 
i decided that day that i was going to get good at this picture-takin'-stuff.

five years later, i still have that same old camera - she needs an update! :/
she's still kickin' and i'm still kickin' it old school with my D40.
come visit me HERE, i'd love to chat with you!!

anyway, let's get to the good stuff:
i'm giving away a rockin' prize today to one of you lucky readers!!
eeeeeeeeek!!!! how excited are you???

here's the goods:

yep, one reader will recieve 3 custom designed buttons for their blog or shop AND a medium ad space on my bloggy for the month of august! 

alright, so go do your happy dance and then sit back down and enter this shhhha-weeeeet giveaway. 

xoxo - kylie

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  1. Something I have always wanted is a Canon EOS Mark III but I am a almost 14 and broke

  2. I want a canon rebel or something like it.

  3. I recently got a Rebel T3... but now I want all the goodies that go with it... new lenses, a flash, tripod, remote... ;)

  4. I've always wanted a Mercedes CLK 55 AMG Coupe. <3 Custom with tan leather interior and deep red exterior. <3 Not sure why hubby hasn't just blessed me with my $200,000 dream car yet. LOL

  5. I have always wanted a Porche 911 but have not gotten it yet
    Damian Jarreau

  6. I want two more kids. Working on it... ;)

  7. I've always wanted a DSLR camera and a surfboard. And a house on the beach!

  8. I've wanted the same camera!!!! :)

  9. A Canon Eos 5d mark ii!!!! :) God bless!

  10. I'm still waiting for my iPhone haha :)

  11. I just got my first dslr a few months ago, a canon rebel T2i. I love it, still trying to figure it all out though.

  12. i'm STILL dreaming of owning a good camera!! :(

  13. I also always wanted a semi-pro camera i guess that's a DSLR? you can tell I know nothing. I don't have a camera of my own, but i do have my dad's old film camera from the 80's, i lost the flash to it, sadly. Any pictures taken is by my friends with their iphones (i don't have that either) but they come out ok. Hope to get one day so i can take a class.

    1. I hope to start up a blog soon. is it ok if i don't have one yet? i really have no idea what i want to blog about yet.

  14. I have always wanted more and more lenses for my camera....a good editing software....and an off camera flash! ooopphfff...thats a lot!

  15. I would love to upgrade the body of my camera someday!

  16. i wanted a nikon slr and finally got one a couple months ago earned the money myself!! [only 16, been saving for quite a while!] now i want a new phone so i can have Instagam.

  17. Well I can't say I've ALWAYS wanted this, but I've been wanting to hop on the Ipad bandwagon for a little bit now. I'm trying to convince my husband to get me one for my birthday. ;)


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