Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Win a SHINE on Tee from Ashley at The Shine Project Today!


My mom went and dropped off dishes at one of my student's houses this weekend.
They're probably the only family that speaks English in their run-down apartment complex,
and there are 5 kids and 1 mom crammed in a small, two bedroom living space.
I know that they don't have couches (last time I was there, they had beds)
we try to buy this sweet friend clothes when we can,
and the mom is always always sick; due to circumstances she can't control.

Yesterday my mom was telling me how she found a couch for them, 
and that I need to go and pick it up today.
Then she said,
"Did you know that they don't have beds anymore, because they had to leave them at 
the old apartment? All of the kids sleep on the tile floor, I don't think they even have pillows.
When I asked the mom what else she needed, she said that she loved the tangelos that I took
them from our tree, and would love more.

But that's not the part that made me cry three times yesterday.
The part that made me cry was when I walked up to their door, and saw a long extension
cord running from their house to their neighbors.
I knocked on the door and the little girl answered. She smiled and yelled, "Ashley's mom is here!"
She was wearing the shirt you gave her for Christmas, and it was filthy.
The bike you got her was leaning against the wall, with a popped tire.
I asked her what the extension cord was for, and she said,

'Our neighbors electricity got shut off, so we're letting them borrow ours.' "

This family who literally has nothing, was allowing their neighbors to use their electricity.
If that isn't an image of love and the way things are supposed to be, I don't know what is.
Tomorrow is BE THE CHANGE day. You can go to the event page HERE.
There is SOOOO much need in the world,
So many people that just need to borrow a little electricity from you.
They need you to help light their lives.
Even if you feel like you have nothing to give,
reach deep within yourself, and find it.

I'm challenging you this week to be the change.
Make an effort on Tuesday to go out of your comfort zone.

Come join us in our efforts to change the world.
And go ahead, let the world see you shine.
Thank you Ashley for this amazing story of generosity!
You can check out many more like this on her blog here.

Ashley also has a fantastic store filled with
T-Shirts, Jewelry and the famous Pass It Forward cards.
You can check out her entire line here.

Today I'm offering one of my readers a chance to SHINE
by winning a SHINE T-Shirt! Don't you want to rock one of these?

Now you can enter below to win!
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  1. Thanks for the contest. I want a shine t-shirt. :)

  2. I am helping my community after the tornado. :)

  3. I am Shining by being our small (250 ppl) communities youth leader and helping in children's church as well as help organize a Christian Karate program here in the village. I hope to reach out and help other kiddos in surrounding villages here soon!

    Thanks for the giveaway, I love the shine project and it's goals/objectives.

  4. Such a wonderful thing that you are all doing!! Just wanted to let you know I have tagged you in a blog tag!!! More info. over at my blog

  5. This is a fantastic prize, and an awesome, awesome project! ♥

  6. what am i doing to shine--i'm encouraging others who are going through difficult times--listening, praying. I am sometimes a coupon fairy ;) to name a couple things.

  7. Thanks for the giveaway! What I'm doing to Shine: trying to get my foster kids back!!!

  8. Spending time with my beautiful boys makes me SHINE on :)


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