Monday, March 19, 2012

Casey Wiegand & FORA winners are....

I just love to announce good news!
Especially when I know its going to brighten someones day, maybe even week!

We still have the Ginormous Group Giveaway going on HERE.
There's daily entries available so make sure you go back for seconds!

Last week we had two amazing giveaways on the blog.

First was FORA
Giving away a Autographed CD & Poster with a Band T-Shirt
Let me tell you again how awesome this group of Christian guys are.
Their music is guided by the hand of Christ. Amazing!

Just this morning, I woke up to this with the note
"This is dedicated to the Hernandez Family for all their love a support for FORA."

And the winner is....
Michelle Lambert from Salinas, CA

Secondly, was Casey Wiegand giving away April Ad Space.
Now who is dying for this one!
And the lucky winner is....

Salena from A Little Piece of Me!
Woohoo girl! Congrats!

I have A LOT more giveaways in the works so keep checking back!


  1. congrats to bothh of you!!! (:

  2. Congratulations girls!!!!

    Laura, you are a gem of a woman for all these giveaways. I love your blog!!

  3. Lucky winners!! :)

    Thanks for coming by and saying hi! I'm following you back!

  4. OMG!!!! Thank you so much! I was dying over this one and did not think I would win. I shall email you both right now! :)


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