Monday, March 26, 2012

Guest today: Little Miss Nerd Girl

Hello Our Reflection fans! I'm excited to be over here at Laura's place for the day. I love her blog, there is always something fun going on! I am Lacey and I am the blogger behind Little Miss Nerd Girl. LMNG started in April 2011 and I updated here and there until August 2011, when I started to take the whole blogging thing a bit more "seriously." It's been a fun ride so far, and I hope you'll consider joining me for the rest of the ride. I honestly was suffering from writer's block when I set out to write this post and became quite distracted. I started to think about grocery shopping and baking a cake. You see, it's my husband's birthday on the 14th and I'm big on making birthday cakes from scratch. Thinking about the cake led to the topic for this husband! I'm not going to bore you with how awesome he is or how hard he works his butt off (even though he is awesome and does work is butt off). Instead, I want to share a little bit of our love story. I've been trying to persuade him to co-write our love story with me for my blog, but it hasn't happened yet - but it will, I am very persuasive. ;) So here is a teaser for you:
David and I grew up in Simi Valley, CA and we went to the same high school. He was two years ahead of me and it wasn't a terribly large school, but I never noticed him. The first time I remember seeing David was when he came into the local ice cream shop/burger joint I worked at (which he also worked at and quit two months prior to my starting there). He came in with an obnoxious girl, and she is actually the only reason I remember him at all. Apparently, they stole one of our spatulas that night and it was a big deal. 
David and the infamous spatula.
The next time I saw him was when he interviewed me for a position at the toy store he managed. I totally flopped the interview and they hired someone else, but when that guy didn't work out David called me to replace him. So, on March 11, 1999, I started work at the toy store. David introduced me to everyone and then left me in the hands of some of his supervisors to be trained. I've always been really shy, so I didn't say much, but I did feel really comfortable with everyone at the store (when the store went out of business a year later, a lot of the people I worked with remained good friends). 
B, D, and David in the toy store warehouse.
On my second day of work at the toy store there was a lot of commotion. David's 21st birthday was approaching (he was a little young to be a manager, eh?) so, of course, he was headed to Vegas. But the excitement was two-fold because he was not only going to Vegas to celebrate his 21st year; he was going to Vegas to marry his on again off again high school sweetheart. David ended his shift with a bounce in his step and the next time I saw him, he was a married man.
Bam! I'm so ending the beginning of our story there! I told you it was just a teaser! If you want to get to know more about how The Story of Lacey and The Story of David ended up merging into The Story of David and Lacey, then you'll have to keep an eye out for when I post them. Ah, I am such a tease. :p Thanks for having me Laura! I enjoyed giving your readers a little peek at my backstory.

Little Miss Nerd Girl


  1. Lacey - I really do want to know the rest. I love your writing! Off to peruse your blog some more. When will you tell more? ;-)

    Love Sarah
    Sew now we are four

    1. Hi Sarah!

      We celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary next month so we're going to write the rest of the story together and I'll get it up then. Hopefully it turns out well. I thought it would be fun to have his side of it all in there too! :)


  2. You're a meanie! ;) Love Lacey....she is the bomb!

  3. Great Lacey - congratulations!
    Sew now we are four


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