Sunday, March 4, 2012

{Sponsor Spotlight} Megan from Absolute Mommy

My very first sponsor spotlight of March is with the amazingly awesome Megan from Absolute Mommy. Not only because she's my niece {which is very cool}, but because she's not phony. She's not hiding behind the walls of "who you should be" or "what you should do". She's a mom on a mission to be the best she can be! This is what she has to say about blogging:

"If blogging doesn't save me NOTHING will... I'm going to be honest about 
motherhood, parenting, and life. I'm also going to be sarcastic, sometimes funny 
and hopefully genuine. My motto is:  I wasn't built for motherhood, it built me.  
It's a work in progress! So join me on my journey of rediscovering that woman 
formerly known as Megan, who now is exclusively Mommy."
A little note from Megan:
I'm a stay at home mamma who loves blogging, pinterest, and twitter, and sometimes Facebook.  I'm co-dependent on my iPhone to a point that is almost scary.  I have two little lovely girlies I call daughters who rock my world.  And my Hubby, God Bless him loves me anyway.

I asked Megan in her entire blogging life, what are three posts she would want everyone to read. Here's her response:

Make sure you reach out to Megan and send her some love. She writes one of those "daily must read" blogs. These are the ways to connect with Megan:

Blog  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Bloglovin  |  Pinterest  |  Hellocotton


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    1. Honored to have you. Let's plan a few other "group" things for March. ^_^


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