Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There's No Place Like Home Link Up!

Our Home

Today's link up hosts are Hello. Also, I love you and Our Reflection

We've lived here for over 10 years. It's the first place we lived as a married couple.
It's where our children have been raised and is overflowing with laughter and joy.

It's much more than just a structure. If only these walls could talk, what would they say?

In this house lives a family strong in faith.
There is no screaming, unless your being tickled.
There are no secrets, except if you're planning a surprise.
There are lots of smiles and giggles, but the most important, prayer. 

We have our moments, our temper-tantrums, even tears.
There are three girls, a boy, a cat, and a fish all living within our 800 square foot apartment. These are close quarters.
But you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way.
I absolutely love our home. It's perfect for "us". 

I hope you enjoy the tour. Yes its always this clean. 
I give all the credit to my amazing husband. 
Don't get mad ladies but he won't let me lift a finger. Seriously. 
He would rather me be spending quality after-work time with our girls.

Let's begin....


Our living room. My favorite room of the house where most of the family time happens. 

Our piano. Found it for free in the newspaper a few years ago. 1947 Wurlitzer.
My favorite instrument of all time. Our youngest daughter is taking lessons.

Our counter stools and another shot of the piano {sorry couldn't help myself}.

Our piano bench. It holds all our bibles, daily devotionals, and current readings. 

Our hallway. We have a dream of lining it from floor to ceiling with framed pictures.

We call this our Mackinac table. The framed Somewhere In Time move poster hangs above the table that holds all the momento's from our honeymoon on Mackinac Island, MI.

Our kitchen. It's where I spend the most of my time.
Ok fine! I couldn't say that with a straight face. 
In all honesty, I love to cook, especially bake. But with our crazy schedules,
and an amazing mother-in-law, not a lot goes on in here besides coffee and pop-tarts.

My nightstand and a peek inside the girls room.
They were watching a movie in their awesome bean-bags so I couldn't interrupt for photos. 

Our room. Yes that's a pink teddy bear on my bed.

The most important part of the entire house, our bikes.
We are an avid mountain biking family and these go with us where ever we do.

Our look out on bedroom patio. I love our view.  

Our office {aka my blogging area}. Yes, I spend way to much time here.

Tennis anyone? Besides softball, this was my sport in high-school.
With a tennis court in our backyard, I really want to start playing again.
Our backyard. Lot of fun times back here.

Well I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of inside my life.
I just can't wait to see yours!


  1. That's a lot of awesomeness packed into there! I'm very jealous of your sprawling backyard! Thanks for the link-up!

  2. Hi Laura, thanks for having us over at yours :) I think your kitchen is my favorite part of your home, or maybe the hallway. This has been such a wonderful link up, thank you!

  3. Love your pics Laura! You have a beautiful home!

  4. that is awesome that you found the piano for free! and i LOVE your hallway - beautiful!!

  5. your home looks so cozy...very warm and inviting! i love the lights around the piano! thank you for hosting!

  6. Beautiful home! What a neat link up! Cant wait to check out the other homes :)

  7. I love the red couch! I have always wanted one but I have to convince my hubby. :)

  8. what a beautiful home! thanks for the tour xo

  9. Love this. What a cozy home. :) Nothing better than that. You have made me want to go clean up every room in our home and share it. It stays a wreck! It's nothing grand or marvelous - but like you said - it's way more than a structure. When I pull in the drive way it just feels like home from the outside. It is where two people became a family, and added a son here and raising him. He rules the roost and we live in a "lived home" for sure.

  10. my house is currently in no way shape or form "tour-ready" right now! things have been BUSY and unfortunately keeping up after my boys sometimes falls low on the list. HOWEVER, i did happen to have a room reveal of my AJ's fun Toy Story themed room that I thought y'all might enjoy! your house is LOVELY Laura, wouldn't expect anything less!!


  11. Thanks for sharing and hosting. Nice house. I love the patio area.

  12. Beautiful! :) Looks like a lovely place to live.


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