Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Bicycle Built for Two WIW Wedding Edition

This was our day. The day we had been dreaming about and planning every single detail together, for over a year. August 11, 2001. That's right, almost 11 years ago. Can you see the theme of 11's here? It just happens to be our favorite number. We even took it a step farther. Our day 8+1+1+0+1=11! Crazy I know, but that's our thing.

Speaking of crazy, who else do you know that after they said their "I Do's" rode back down the isle on a tandem bicycle. That's right, we did!
Before I go on, this is so difficult coming from a photographer, but back in the day when we got married, they didn't shot digital. We had good old fashion 35mm film. So I didn't have a CD to go grab to make this post. I must for-worn you to please excuse the quality of these photos. This is my attempt of taking pictures from our photo albums and trying to make this work.

Here's my rocking bridal party. Yes the cool lady in the shade {3rd from the left} is Megan from Absolute Mommy. If you didn't know, she's my niece. Small world.
 And my studly husband-to-be in this photo. Getting our bike ready for our big exit. 
 We love life. We love each other. I remember this exact moment. The minister just pronounced us husband and wife, we turned and looked at each other and bursted out in the most happy smiles and laughter. The words we had been waiting so long to hear, we're officially said.
The laughter faded just enough to "kiss the bride".
The BIG moment was about to happen. No one except the bridal party knew that once we said our "I Do's", that we would be riding away on a bicycle built for two. {We're avid mountain bikers so this was a huge part of us.}
We had practiced once but in a wedding dress, sitting side-saddle, without pedals {removed so my dress wouldn't get caught}, on grass, making turns... was a challenge.
I shouldn't be talking about hard work. All I had to do was sit down and hold on. Chaz did the rest. {Look at my face!} He rode like a pro. Took us right to the limo without hiccup. 
 I think I was more nervous when the groomsmen decided to pick me up!
 Look at us. So in love. 
And this dress, I chose out of a magazine {under $400}. It was a special order dress so once the order was placed, that's it, it was mine. No returns. There was not one bridal store even remotely close that carried it for me to try on. I had to order the dress hoping it would look just as good as me as it did on that amazingly tan, in-shape model that was wearing it in the photo. When I put it on the very first time, I knew I had made the right choice. I never even tried on another dress. This was it.

The real us, when the posed formal portraits weren't being taken, we were sitting in the shade, family style. We were in the mountains of a beautiful California historical park, in the middle of summer, and it hit 97 degrees that day. Little 'ol me with nothing in my stomach, sweating in this dress, was nearly about to pass out. Luckily we found some water in the limo. 
Our first dance. When the song ended, Chaz got down on one knee again and asked if he could marry me over and over again. I love him so much.
Then it came time for cake. Wish you could see the cake topper. It was a big glass heart with two glass bikes dangling from the center. So awesome. And for the feeding to each other, we were good. Simple, clean and fun.
Time for the garter toss. Can you see those smiles on our faces? I can't remember exactly what he said, but all I know is I don't think I could repeat it here. LOL
That was a glimpse into our wedding day. I can't believe its been over 10 years already. We still get asked all the time if we're newly weds because of how much we're in love with each other, and we just say "yes." Because it still feels like only yesterday.  

Then and Now
Top: Engagement photos 2000
Bottom: Us in 2011
Chaz, you are my everything.
I always say when I count my blessings, I count you twice.
Thank you for being such a strong man in faith. 
Always leading our family down the narrow road.
There is no other person in the world like you.
I love you to the moon and back.
"Still want to marry me?"


  1. You look beautiful! I love the wedding pics!

  2. A little while ago you showed off a picture from a photo shoot where the two "most in-love people" were captured, excited about their engagement. I look at these pictures and I see two people madly, deeply, genuinely in-love…probably the most I've ever seen! XO Courtney

  3. that bicycle thing is genious. that seems so fun!

  4. Ok this is so cute. You two really are so in love! And I love the tandem bicycle. What a fun and unique touch!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Love the bicycle - such a fun idea!

  6. Looks like you had such a fun day! What a fun idea with the bike!! :)

  7. Love it! I didn't know Megan was your niece, so neat! I figured you guys knew each other "in real life" but didn't realize you were related! I had to use scanned pictures too. :)

  8. What a beautiful couple and darling family!

    I found you through the Blog Hop linkup and I'm looking forward to following along!

    Dana @ five30three.com

  9. Gorgeous and such a sweet couple! Thanks for sharing these...I love looking at wedding pictures :)

  10. What fun pictures! You both look so happy... then and now!!

  11. Megan from absolute Momy is your niece?? how cool is that! You guys look so happy together, and even in your recent pictures you guys still have that spark in your eyes! SO SWEET!

  12. wow bikes are the biggest thing now with wedding, you're a trendsetter!!

  13. I love it Laura! SO sweet! And that bike?! SO FUN!! XOXO

  14. How sweet is this!?! I love that you rode away on a bicycle!! :) NO idea that Megan is your niece! Good to know. ;)

  15. Yeah! I love it! The bike was awesome!! I will always remember the look on your face when I was helping you into your dress... You were so nervous! So glad I got to share your day with you... And why didn't some one yell at me to take off my shades???
    Love ya! and thanks for linking up!!

  16. Love the bike! You two look so in love - just the way you are looking at eachother - it's such an amazing gift :)


  17. oh my goodness, such a SWEET post and I totally have tears in my eyes!! You two are so in love then and now, it's so wonderful to see..thanks for sharing with us!! :)

  18. Oh, I'm in love with your love. It is so special to have a love that spills over on to the people lucky enough to see it, even if from a very far distance.

    I'm following ya from the May Day Fest! I'd love to have your perspective and wonderful you come join us for the ride at localsugarhawaii.com. Life is sweet atop this wave.


  19. Great pictures and how fun that you rode a bike!!

  20. Love!! You both look so incredibly happy!!

  21. loved seeing your before/after photos! :) :) we were married on 8/11/2002 -- so we'll be celebrating 10 years this august!!!


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