Friday, September 14, 2012

Changing the life of a child... forever!

We would like you to meet Jose.
It's been a almost two years since God brought Jose into our lives. I remember receiving the packet in the mail like it was only yesterday. He was 4 and from Mexico {left photo}. It came with a very brief letter from the agency about where he lived, his likes/hobbies and a little hand written note with a drawing he had made. Just melted our hearts. We knew, even from afar, he was part of our family.

Since then, we've been much like pen-pals. Every few months we get a photo and letter about what's going on in his life. Birthday's and Christmas we sent a gift but that's been where it ends.

Two years later, now he's 6 {right photo}, and we receive our newest letter and for the very first time his questions weren't: Where do you live? How many kids do you have? What's your favorite thing to do? His questions was, when will you get to visit me?

Talk about your stomach hitting the floor. I just about started balling. We've always wanted to do more than just be his sponsors, was this it? Are we suppose to travel to the middle of Mexico to meet this adorable little man? Our hearts say yes. We're not sure how or when, but YES, we're going to meet him soon.

There are so many children out there that need only a kind heart. Someone to give them encouragement. 

Matthew 7:12 ”So whatever you wish that others would do to you, 
do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

Become a sponsor. It will change your life forever. Click HERE for more information.



  1. Oh my this is so sweet! One of the most compassionate things to do!

  2. This is something I've always want to do (and will someday!). He looks like a sweet little guy, and I hope you get to meet him soon!

  3. I love this post! We sponsor a 5 year old boy in Ethopia and we love him!

  4. He would be a perfect addition to your lil family! We sponser a boy, Xiao in China and another boy, Silas in Uganda. They are so special and sweet to our hearts.

  5. my family is sponsoring a little girl in Bangladesh through world vision. her name is Khatija and she's seven years old, she's adorable and we've been sponsoring her for a year now. i'm so happy that we're sponsoring. and Jose is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!

  6. Aaaw, that breaks my heart and inspires me at the same time. When sponsoring a child how can you be sure it is them writing and that your money actually goes to them? I am so wary since there are so many out there, that I want to know it is really helping. One thing I do is keep bags of goods in my car for the homeless. I always have about six bags filled with hygiene and canned goods..anything that might help. And I give it to them when I see one in need. I like that because I see my good works right away. SO, I was just curious about how much actually goes to the children:) I hope you visit him soon!

  7. Visiting from the blog hop. I love to find other faith blogs. And I love Compassion. We sponsor one little girl and support one of their childbirth clinics. What a great ministry.

  8. That is soooo sweet. What a precious boy. Can't wait for you to meet him!!

  9. That is just about the sweetest thing. Oh my gosh, he is adorable. I've always thought I should do that, when I have a career I know I will :)
    Thanks for sharing

  10. i love things like this. about loving relationships built between people who are thousands of miles away. thanks for sharing your story.. i just love stalking stories like these so i'll be experienced when i'm (financially, physically and mentally) mature enough to do that myself!

    {the Picablocks}


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