Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIW Shine Style.... Mother & Daughter Time

This week was rather exciting because my daughter Rachel and I got our SHINE t-shirts,
necklace and bracelet in from The Shine Project. With our upcoming "shine" inspired
food drive this weekend we thought we'd have a fun photo shoot in our shine shirts.

Read about our Food Drive event HERE.

Tank / Kohl's
Jeans / Kohl's
Converse / Kohl's
Necklace / The Shine Project
Bracelet / The Shine Project

Can you tell it was freezing? Looking closely you can see the goose bumps on my arms. Burrrrrr!
I'm not close to being a model, but this was a fun day with my daughter.
We walked away with a handful of memories. That's the most important part.

pleated poppy


  1. so beautiful!! The lighting is amazing!!

  2. You both look so so pretty! It's wonderful that you did that together, too. xox! :)

  3. Visiting and following your lovely blog from Kelly's!

  4. oh finding others who are doing this, and the shoes are quite fabulous also, very well done! Glad I stopped by, loving your blog!!

    Would love to have you over at my Friday 365 Challenge Link up ;)

  5. Beautiful mother and daughter! Love the shirts! Really love the shoes too :) so fun!

  6. Aww I love the Shine Project! This is adorable!!



  7. You guys both look great. Hope you're excited about your food drive project!

  8. Love this :) Yall look great in your tees!

  9. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Am now following you back. Love the yellow shoes!

  10. Gorgeous pics, lady! You do a great job of making it look warm, even if it wasn't! ;)

  11. Looks like such a fun time (beside being freezing!), love those t-shirts!! Good luck with the food drive this weekend.


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